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Endless Sativa

In the combinations that we have managed to stabilize at Kannabia Seed Company, some very successful Dutch and Californian pairings stand out, but the Super AK takes the cake. This feminized cannabis seed grows unrestrained and generates a record production in terms of time, quantity and quality. 

It is a Marijuana plant with three roots. On the one hand, a Californian Sativa that is a balanced power reactor for a steady flight. On the other hand, Afghan genes that ensure production and growth by accelerating the process as much as possible. And finally, one of the great legends among cannabis seeds, the AK 47, a project that spans thirty years of history since its birth in Amsterdam as a small sativa miracle of Serious Seeds. In fact, it was their best known and most award-winning work worldwide.

In this mix of properties, we have found a super sativa cannabis plant, very resistant and fast, with production levels that are sometimes hard to believe. It is also a beautiful plant, with a lime green color covered with orange pistils that are full of life. 

We know that it could work very well as a culinary ingredient in the preparation of cakes, candies or flavored chocolate. You could give it many uses.

How to Grow the Super AK

You would have to do it very badly for this seed not to grow strong and productive. It has one of the most powerful genetics of our seed bank and is the one we often recommend for novice growers. She is a true Olympic athlete in her own right and fends off pests on her own without the help of reinforcements. Highly recommended for latitudes with short summers.

In its appearance, we will see a medium internodal distance and an original and colorful coloration. Its buds are impressive, loaded with resin, so it lends itself to extractions of any kind. 

Indoors its normal mark is 60 days (yes, only 60 days!) and yields no less than 500 grams per square meter. It is a very fragrant plant, so you may have to take measures to avoid disturbing others. 

Outdoors, it grows very tall and can reach up to two meters. At the end of September, under optimal conditions, it can weigh up to 800 grams of production per plant, although it sounds unbelievable. Don’t forget to leave plenty of room for the roots, because they will take it. 

Flavor and Effect of the Super AK

All this production is not incompatible with a flavor full of fragrances and personality. With its genetics, it is not surprising that it has sophisticated organoleptic properties, acidic and fruity, reminiscent of a powerful orange juice. It also has an earthy, spicy flavor, and is a seed especially known for its long-lasting flavor. You could be savoring it all day long. 

Its effect is powerful, no doubt about it. It is a super sativa feminized cannabis seed with a THC of 18%. But we can’t overstate the predilection felt by artists of any discipline for the Super AK, for its stimulating and creative contribution. It will unblock any creative process you are involved in. It is one of the most psychoactive plants in existence and emanates joy.


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